How can we solve your material problems?

Radical maintains the in-house capability to conceive, develop and manufacture innovative additives and materials that enables you to add value and create technically superior products.

Our solutions deliver when many others can’t. Custom formulations, small quantities, in-house testing, proving and analysis, are just some of our capabilities. The majority of our services are conducted in our state of the art facility, allowing us to develop intricate and personalised solutions when needed.

A little bit about us...

Established in 2003, our original focus was antimicrobial additives to reduce the growth of bacteria and mould. Since then, we’ve added thermal and electrically conductive additives; X-ray opaque and metal detectable materials; anti-bacterial fibres; even developed a range of hygienic desktop products… and we’re always looking for the next challenge!

We continuously invest in technology and test equipment, enabling us to verify the properties of the materials we produce and ensure they meet your specifications. Our in-house extrusion and mixing capabilities enable us to react swiftly to your requirements and maintain precise control over our proprietary formulations.

We’re passionate about solving your materials problems; simple as that.



Minebea X-ray detector

Products such as tags, straps, pallets, seals etc. need to be detected in order to minimise the risk of them entering the consumer chain and avoid costly product recalls. 

Our X-ray Inspection system fully supports the development of your products in the area of detectable plastics and rubbers. Any applications where there is a risk of small fragments entering the production flow will greatly benefit from the addition of X-ray detectable properties.


Safeline twin head metal detector

Our Safeline Metal Detection Equipment is able to assess the level of metal detectability of your products, again reducing the risk of potentially harmful elements entering the consumer chain, leading to a recall.

The decision as to whether you require X-ray or metal detection testing from us will ultimately be made by your customers. If they require one over the other, our capabilities and experts on hand to help you through the process and deliver the results you require.


Tinius Olsen 10kN tensile tester
Mecmesin 250N tensile tester
Mecmesin 250N compression/flexure test
Ray-Ran IZOD impact tester
Ray-Ran CHARPY impact tester
Taber Abrader (x2)

Tensile testing is a fundamental materials test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. The results from the test are commonly used to select a material for an application, for quality control, and to predict how a material will react under normal forces.

We use 10kN Tinius Olsen and 205N Mecmesin tensile testing machines and associated software capable of testing and reporting yield/tensile strength, modulus, elongation etc on a range of filled and unfilled polymers.

The information obtained from such testing allows for tensile characterisation of polymer samples and analysis of the effect of functional additives.

Capabilities - Tensile Tester

Impact testing utilises the kinetic energy of a falling pendulum hammer to break a test sample, in order to determine the energy required to do so.

The resultant data gives a measure of impact toughness, and can be used to report comparisons between different materials and the effect of functional additives on this property. We can perform testing and report to both Izod (test sample clamped vertically) and Charpy (test sample rests horizontally) methods.

Any additive can affect the mechanical strength of a material, and carrying out this testing in house allows us to really put our products (and yours!) through their paces when it comes to tensile and impact strength.

Capabilities - Impact Tester


36mm Kerke twin screw production extruder
30mm Baker-Perkins twin screw pilot-scale extruder
16mm Thermo Fisher twin screw lab-scale extruder
Arburg 50 tonne Allrounder injection moulder
Boy 15 tonne injection moulder


Winkworth 50 litre production z-blade mixer
Winkworth 11 litre lab-scale Z-blade mixer
Lab 2-roll mill (x 2)


Netzsch thermal conductivity analyser
Mettler Toledo moisture analyser
Tinius Olsen melt flow analyser
Ashing furnace
Viscosity tester

Capabilities - Netzsch Machine


Atlas SunTest CPS+ xenon
Q-Labs QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester
Labcold -30degC freezer
35-90degC water bath (x2)

Q-Lab QUV/uvc accelerated weathering tester