At RADICAL MATERIALS we believe in working with you to develop the perfect solutions for your products.

Below you will find a selection of Development & Manufacturing processes that we are proud to offer your business. 




Tensile Testing is a fundamental materials test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. The results from the test are commonly used to select a material for an application, for quality control, and to predict how a material will react under normal forces.

Machines We Use:

10kN Tinius Olsen tensile tester

Mecmesin 250N tensile tester

Mecmesin 250N compression/flexure test

Impact Testing utilises the kinetic energy of a falling pendulum hammer to break a test sample. The resultant data gives a measure of impact toughness and can be used to report comparisons between different materials and the effect of functional additives on this property.

Machines We Use:

Ray-Ran IZOD impact tester

Ray-Ran Charpy impact tester

Environmental Testing will assess the effect of climate on a material. The main factors of weathering are UV from sunlight, temperature and moisture, with the UV in particular being responsible for photodegradation of susceptible materials. 

Machines We Use:

Q-Lab QUV weathering station

Atlas SunTest CPS+ benchtop xenon

Our extrusion capabilities take the pressure off, running trials with standard polymer or your bespoke material without any disruption to your manufacturing.


Using our Boy & Arburg injection moulding machines, we are able to mould test-pieces in-house, allowing for the subsequent characterisation and development of mechanical, thermal, electrical, antimicrobial etc properties. This ensures a streamlined and efficient development process for customer specific projects.

As part of our Developmental process, we are able to offer detectable masterbatches for silicone and rubber, which embed metal and/or X-ray detectable properties into the end material.  Such masterbatches are manufactured from a range of well refined detectable additives which have been proven to seamlessly combine with a wide range of existing base materials including NBR, SBR, natural rubber and silicone.

Whatever your materials challenge, we will provide the solution.

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