Do you have a material that requires enhanced performance?


RADICAL MATERIALS now offer a large selection of bespoke test services from X-ray & metal detection to thermal conductivity and antimicrobial testing.

Whatever your needs, find out below how we can add value to your products. 

Our X-ray Inspection System fully supports the development of your products in the area of detectable plastics and rubbers. Any applications where there is a risk of small fragments entering the production flow will greatly benefit from the addition of X-ray detectable properties.


Products such as tags, straps, pallets, seals etc. need to be detected in order to minimise the risk of them entering the consumer chain. This will ultimately avoid costly product recalls.

Our Safeline Metal Detection Equipment is able to assess the level of metal detectability of your products, again reducing the risk of potentially harmful elements entering the consumer chain, leading to a recall.

The decision as to whether you require X-ray or metal detection testing from us will ultimately be made by your customers. If they require one over the other, we are on hand to help you through the process and deliver the results you require.

Our Netzsch LFA447 Flash Machine is a powerful tool for making accurate, rapid thermal diffusivity tests over a wide range between room temperature and 300 degrees C. 


The LFA447 system is available for product development and direct customer project support. Analysis of the resulting data allows thermal diffusivity of the material to be determined and, in conjunction with measured values of specific heat and density, also the thermal conductivity.

We only use truly independent laboratories to carry out antimicrobial testing, otherwise how do you know your products are effective?


We use different laboratories depending on the test required, including Kyobiken, IMSL, Microtech, Melbec and Express Microbiology. Testing is conducted according to globally recognised standards such as ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801 & G21. Our products are routinely tested against MRSA and E. coli, although a broad range is available.

To find out how our Material Test Services can be of benefit

to your bespoke material, please contact us via email at: or call us on: +44 (0) 1495 211400


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