New antimicrobial coil coating additive which prevents adhesion issues

Demand for innovation in coil coated steel is on the increase, and antimicrobial specialist SteriTouch has reacted by developing a proprietary coating solution which not only protects against microbial growth, but will also mitigate issues with adhesion seen with other antibacterial technologies.

SteriTouch, based in South Wales, has recently moved into a larger industrial unit, reinforcing its unique position in the antimicrobial sector, with on-site production, R&D and technical testing facilities. The company has pioneered many performance additive solutions, in antimicrobial, detectable and thermal management technology.

Coil coating companies have recently switched on to antimicrobial technology, in order to prevent the build up of slimy biofilm and the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria. There are many benefits to coating metal with antimicrobial properties, however there is no one-size-fits-all product. Silver antimicrobial additives can cause negative effects when used in any coating, including discolouration and reduced adhesion during the coating process. SteriTouch can successfully mitigate any issues surrounding antimicrobials in coatings, paints, powder coat and polymers, thanks to extensive in-house extrusion, moulding and laboratory facilities.

The recently launched antimicrobial additive for coil coating can be blended into the liquid top coat, to offer permanent protection against bacteria, mould, biofilm and fungi. The additive promotes adhesion to the steel and has passed many industry-specific testing protocols including T-Bend, Cross Hatch Adhesion and Impact tests.  The active component in the antimicrobial additive holds all necessary approvals such as EPA and FDA, and the finished product is perfect for external and internal use wherever hygiene and aesthetics are important.

Initial development and compatibility trials are carried out at the SteriTouch site, which is home to an extensive technical testing laboratory, including tensile and impact testers, along with QUV and Atlas Xenon weathering stations, to test performance in real-world conditions.

Send us a sample of your coating today and we’ll make you an antimicrobial solution which won’t impact on other properties. Email or call 01495211400 for an initial chat to see how we can improve your products.