Prevent the build-up of biofilm with antimicrobial waste fittings

Bathroom and kitchen waste fittings are both overlooked and inaccessible for routine cleaning, yet often found to be the origin of bad odours caused by the growth of bacteria and stubborn biofilms. A straightforward and permanent solution to prevent microbial attack and subsequent bad odours is to add antimicrobial protection at the point of manufacture.

Biofilm forms when bacteria and debris adhere to a damp surface. This process quickly takes hold in waste pipes and shower traps, as the combination of bacteria, soap scum and hair in dark, humid environments is ideal for biofilm to thrive. The result is blockages and foul odours; once established, it is very difficult to remove without physical abrasion, almost impossible inside of pipes which are in-situ.  Most household disinfectants, including bleach, have zero effect on biofilm as it cannot penetrate the protective matrix it develops.

Waste pipes and shower traps can be manufactured to include an antimicrobial additive from SteriTouch to prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould by 99.99%. Additives are available as a masterbatch or ready-qualified compound, suitable for any manufacturing process. Antimicrobial protection can be incorporated into any material, including polymers typically used in the plumbing industry, such as polypropylene, PVC and ABS.

SteriTouch is the only UK antimicrobial brand carrying out R&D and manufacturing in-house, creating solutions to industry-specific issues. With moulding and extrusion facilities, as well as an extensive technical testing laboratory, we are able to negate any negative effects of the antimicrobial in your base material, leaving you with a robust antimicrobial product which will perform effectively against microbial growth, for life.

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