Everbuild co-brands with SteriTouch


Everbuild Building Products Ltd. have announced a new partnership with SteriTouch – a leading provider of antimicrobial liquids, additives and coatings designed to reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mould and fungi, while remaining safe for even the most sensitive of applications.
The use of SteriTouch will become effective on many products in Everbuild’s Sealant and Tile Adhesive and Grout ranges from the beginning of September 2012 and will provide a crucial extra selling point to already established brands such as Forever White Sealant and Plumbers Gold. SteriTouch will protect the area to which the product is applied from the build-up of germs, mould and bacteria ensuring that it is easier to clean and maintain. SteriTouch, in conjunction with Everbuild, gives the benefit of the highest quality antimicrobial products which are proven to stop black mould and kill germs such as E-Coli, MRSA and Salmonella making products made with SteriTouch particularly useful in bathroom and kitchen areas where damp and humid conditions can lead to discolouration and deterioration of sealant and adhesive products.
Manufactured in the UK – Everbuild’s range of sealants and tile adhesives provides a one stop shop for all application needs. The addition of SteriTouch ensures that products which are predominantly used in water prone and hygiene critical areas are even more effective at keeping the areas they are to be used on sterile, clean and free from mould and any other contaminants from the moment of application and beyond ensuring both product quality and longevity.

Silver and copper have both been used for centuries for their antimicrobial propertiesAntimicrobial hard coated polyester film from SteriTouch