Horton Automatics offers SteriTouch finish on healthcare door systems

As an industry leader in door systems, Telford-based Horton Automatics provides a full range of sliding, swing and folding door solutions for healthcare environments, which can now be offered with SteriTouch® antimicrobial powder coating.

The use of ICU/CCU and patient room sliding door systems is a relatively new innovation in the UK. Patients benefit from an environment isolated from nearby activity, noise and distractions, and telescopic and break-out capabilities increase access for movement of patients and medical equipment. Although ICU/CCU door system are new in UK healthcare, Horton Automatics has been installing its automatic entrance solutions into NHS and private hospitals throughout the country since it opened its UK factory in 1989.

With increasing demand for patient privacy and ways to reduce the risk of infection, Horton patient room systems are a solution with extended benefits. Patient wellbeing is provided with increased levels of privacy in a controlled environment with lowered cross-contamination risks, while the use of trackless design options eliminates the build up of contaminants in the floor.

As a further line of defence against the spread of bacteria, the company is also offering the option of SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection.

The frames of the door systems are now available with a clear or white SteriTouch® powder coated finish, which provides permanent antimicrobial protection against the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould. Independent testing of the powder coat in-situ has shown a 99.99% reduction in both MRSA and E.Coli.

SteriTouch® additives are used extensively throughout the healthcare sector, in suction liners, air pressure stabilisation and patient lighting. Antimicrobial protection for Horton door systems can now be specified in both new construction projects and in the refurbishment of existing facilities.