PHS extends washroom range


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PHS has extended its partnership with SteriTouch® by introducing a wall-mounted baby changing table, secure mat system and nappy bag dispenser into its antimicrobial washroom range.

A space-saving option popular in baby changing areas and public restrooms, wall-mounted changing units by their nature can present a cross-contamination risk for users.  Manufactured by Baby Point Ltd in Stowmarket, each unit is now available with SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection as standard, distributed evenly throughout its high density polypropylene casing during the rotational moulding process.

The new range demonstrates the versatility of SteriTouch additives; the moulded version of the existing secure mat cartridge incorporates SteriTouch powder additive into its polyurethane ‘Superskin’ surface, with the nappy bag dispenser powder coated for an antibacterial finish.  Additives are developed at the SteriTouch R&D facility in South Wales, samples are moulded for customers in-house and sent for independent testing the same day.

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The entire washroom environment will benefit from the combined long term antimicrobial effects of the PHS range with SteriTouch protection, which includes hand dryers, soap dispensers and sanitary bins.

Keri Reynolds, Marketing Manager at PHS Washrooms noted, “PHS is committed to offering quality washroom solutions with an added focus on reducing cross contamination. The SteriTouch brand is synonymous with hygiene, which offers reassurance to users seeing the familiar logo on our products”

For more information, please visit:

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