Protecting plastics in construction



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The construction sector is the second highest user of plastics, after packaging*.  Piping and conduit, cladding and profiles, seals and gaskets: today they’re manufactured out of plastic compounds, and can therefore be affected by microbial spoilage (mould, mildew and other contaminants).

Customer awareness and dissatisfaction with issues caused by algae, mould, biofilm and bacterial growth is on the increase.  ‘Green’ uPVC windows which should be white; slimy pipework and rainwater goods; more serious health and hygiene concerns: they can all be detrimental to your product image, brand reputation and future orders.  The hassle and complaints can escalate up the supply chain from the consumer, where the continued maintenance and expense plays a major part.

But there is a lasting solution to your microbial problems…

Using a SteriTouch antimicrobial additive in your plastic formulations during production is a quick, easy and effective way to eliminate microbial spoilage issues immediately.

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The active components in our antimicrobials become embedded in your products during the manufacturing process, and once your protected products are in use, they will remain resistant to microbe growth for their usable lifetime.

You can tap into our knowledge and our extensive in-house technical and testing facilities to find exactly the right additive for your processes, which means you can start using it quickly, easily and with confidence.  We have a range of solutions already proven for extruded and moulded plastics; we work with manufacturers of construction-specification grouts, sealants, paints and resins; and with plastics extruders and manufacturers in the UK and farther afield…

All of which means we have the right skills, experience, understanding and products to make protecting your plastic construction materials a no-brainer!

Looking for that competitive edge?  Call us to discuss how we can help. +44 (0)1495 211400

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