Sennheiser adopt SteriTouch

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Based on the Roseheyworth site in Abertillery, SteriTouch® manufactures and supplies antimicrobial additives for plastic & rubber, paints, coatings and fabrics. When incorporated during the manufacturing process, products containing these silver-based additives will prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould for their usable lifetime. SteriTouch has built a solid global customer base since its inception in 2003, including Mothercare, Crown Paints, Everbuild, World Dryer and Universal Electronics. Its reputation is based on technical innovation which enables the company to offer unique custom solutions, and its popular co-brand, which has most recently been adopted by Sennheiser.

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The latest range of SPORTS headphones from Sennheiser, launched at the CES Show in Las Vegas in January, boast antibacterial silicone ear adapters to prevent the bacterial growth commonly associated with ear infections.

Daniel Chee, product Manager for Sennheiser, said, “One of the core reasons why Sennheiser is working with SteriTouch® for our Sports headphones is their safe, independently lab tested and proven antibacterial solutions. With those materials coupled with our audio expertise, we are more than confident that our products will surpass the stringent requirements and expectations of all our customers. We look forward to the success of the sports line”

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