Today is an exciting day, as it marks our rebrand to Radical Materials! Discover the story behind the change below.

We have been operating as SteriTouch since 2003, leading innovation in the antimicrobial sector. Our reputation for technical excellence has grown hugely over those 15 years, resulting in proud partnerships with many household names. We are in a position now where customers approach us with material issues that they’re sure we can fix - and often it’s nothing to do with antimicrobials!

The expansion of our production facilities and the introduction of a technical testing laboratory has seen us move premises three times, most recently in 2017 with a £500,000 investment in an industrial unit in Ebbw Vale. Our facility is completely unique in the market, featuring a large production area and two bespoke laboratories; home to several extruders, injection moulding machines and the latest test equipment including a Netzsch laser flash analyser.

Over the past few years we’ve introduced several other additive brands, including the SCOPIC range of detectable solutions for plastics in food processing. Most recently, Konduct thermal masterbatches and compounds have been developed to offer conductivity in polymers as a replacement for metal, preventing overheating in products such as LED lighting and heat sinks.

It became clear that while SteriTouch was an ideal brand for the antimicrobial sector, it was becoming restrictive as a company name.

Our performance additives including SteriTouch, SCOPIC and Konduct will now come under the Radical Materials banner going forward. We hope the name change will serve to truly represent all we are capable of as a company.

This is what Nick Corlett, one of our Directors, had to say: "Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible solution for every application, which led many of our customers to approach us with projects falling outside our established expertise, such as detectable materials or functional modifiers. As this aspect of the business grew and we invested heavily in the development of bespoke solutions, it became very evident that the SteriTouch name was no longer an accurate representation of the products and services we provide. While SteriTouch remains a crucial element within our portfolio, the decision to change to a name with a broader, less restrictive scope was an easy one. Choosing the name itself proved somewhat less straightforward, but we feel that Radical Materials is an appropriate reflection of our strategy and aspiration for the next fifteen years."

If you have a requirement for adding performance to any material, give us a call on 01495 211400, or email


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