Customer service & product performance are at the heart of what we do.

Product performance

Rigorous testing ensures that the products we design and supply perform exactly to our customers' requirements.

We ensure that when our products go into production, that their performance and conformity is 100%.  We have robust quality and traceability systems in place, to provide peace of mind.  We can and do demonstrate flexibility when dealing with customers who have specific needs due to regulatory requirements.  We will work with you to adopt processes to suit these requirements. 

TDS for our products are available upon request.  

We are InterTek ISO9001:2015 certified.

100% conformity

Robust traceability

Regulatory compliance



Health & Safety

Continuous improvement

Health & Safety performance is based upon the setting, achieving and reviewing of objectives and targets which ensure that they achieve compliance with the statutory obligation’s incumbent upon them. In so doing, they recognise the importance of the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment processes in the objective setting activities and a pro-active Health & Safety management approach.

Our Team

Our team members are very important to us. We recognise our responsibility to them and to other individuals and as such we ensure that their rights are not adversely affected by our work activities and practices.

Team engagement

We recognise the importance of involving our team in the management processes and undertake both to involve them in issues that affect Health & Safety and inform, train and supervise them with regard to their responsibilities under current Health & Safety legislation. In this way, each and every individual has a vital and specific role in maintaining Radical Materials Ltd safety standard.

Material testing & analysis

We have a comprehensive suite of testing and analytical equipment, enabling us to ensure all products meet both internal and customer specifications.

Environment & Sustainability

The three pillars of sustainability - social, environmental and economic, have shaped our aims and objectives. As a business we are dedicated to managing the impact of our processes and activities in terms of energy consumption, waste recycling and supply chain.

We understand that plastics continue to play an important role in providing us with commodities, if used responsibly they can provide environmental benefits.  We innovate to give plastics performance benefits that can reduce the need for metals, to give longevity whilst ensuring recyclability.  We strive to ensure that our suppliers are environmentally responsible.  We are committed to carbon neutrality, we currently have systems in place to measure our carbon footprint and are continually looking at ways to reduce our own impact.  Our Scopic line aims to reduce food waste in food processing factories ensuring products are detectable and detected early in the production process.  We use carriers who have introduced electric vehicles to transport customer products, where possible.  For more information our policy is available upon request.

Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to corporate responsibility is informed by our organisational sustainability model and our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Principles which include; human rights; labour; environment and anti-corruption.

Empowered by our brand values of leadership, excellence, trust and sustainability we work passionately and diligently to uphold the UNGC pillars. 

We believe that corporate responsibility and integrity starts with tax compliance.  As a company registered in the UK, Radical pays all taxes due and does not actively employ tax avoidance strategies.  We understand that tax is the return due to society on its investments; the roads, transport infrastructure, educated workforce and so on, from which all companies benefit.  Our taxes include corporate income tax on our profits, but they also include all the other taxes that we pay, such as employer taxes, property taxes, and those that we generate and administer through our economic activity, such as VAT, and employee taxes deducted through the payroll.

In our operations and supply chains we either pay living wages or encourage other agencies to establish living wages where none exists resulting in a positive economic impact. 


The three pillars of sustainability - social, environmental and economic, have shaped our aims and objectives. As a business we are dedicated to managing the impact of our processes and activities in terms of energy consumption, waste recycling and supply chain.

Our management of information and its security is defined by the principles of preservation,  confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.  Our policy provides the framework by which we take account of these principles.  Our staff understand their legal and ethical responsibility concerning information and we empower them to collect, use, store and distribute it in appropriate ways. We specifically aim first and foremost to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.  To ensure that all information including internal and external, third party, personal and electronic data is treated with complete confidentiality.  To maintain and safeguard the integrity and security of all such information. 

Quality policies

Radical Materials has a suite of policies which are available upon request, these include:

Quality Management

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility

Information Security Management

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