SteriTouch leads innovation in this sector, most notably as the only antimicrobial supplier running research and manufacturing operations on-site.


Providing solutions where others have failed has since become our trademark.


Are you looking for a way to differentiate or protect your products?


Add SteriTouch to your product’s material at the point of manufacture and give yourself a tangible point of difference in the market. Your products become inherently antimicrobial, resisting the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould for their usable lifetime. 


You can even use our popular co-brand for free to promote your new and improved products.

Our focus is on creating a robust solution for your products, and we try to make it as easy as possible for you by carrying out all the development work at our premises, to keep disruption to you at a minimum.


Initially, we need to know the material you are using. We will often ask for a sample of your product’s base material so that we can carry out compatibility testing in-house. From there, we will mould various samples of test-ready swatches. These will include the appropriate SteriTouch additive at our recommended addition rate, which we're confident will achieve the best results. The samples will then be sent to an independent laboratory for initial testing against MRSA and E.Coli.

In-house we have an extensive technical testing laboratory, which is also unique to us in this sector. Weathering stations allow us to subject products and materials to extremes in temperature, UV exposure and humidity. Your product may stand up to laboratory conditions, but if it’s designed to be used outside, how will it fare after 10 years’ exposure to UV?

Tensile testers and impact testers using both the Charpy and IZOD methods are in place to identify any weaknesses in the material. Making sure the characteristics of a base material are not affected by an antimicrobial is extremely important, especially in environments such as food production where plastic contamination could potentially occur.


A popular way of promoting your antimicrobial products is by adopting the SteriTouch co-brand. What’s more, we offer it to our customers to use for free, without any associated licensing fees. We do ask that you sign our trademark agreement; our brand is one of our greatest assets, so the agreement is in place to protect it from misuse.

The SteriTouch brand has been consistently proven to be widely associated with hygiene, and we’ll supply you with all you need to take advantage of it in order to help you sell your products. We can provide you with logos to use in your tooling and on your products and literature, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make your antimicrobial products a success.

To find out what SteriTouch can do for you, please visit our website:

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