Developer and manufacturer of custom and off the shelf masterbatches & polymer compounds

What can we do for you?

Whether it’s processing specialist additives into polymers, resins or silicone; developing solutions to enhance the performance of a material; or mitigating the negative effects of other additives, we have the knowledge, expertise and specialist facilities to deliver the solutions you need.

Do you need to meet a specific material requirement; resolve a critical performance issue; or perhaps you’re looking for enhanced product attributes to help you open up new business opportunities? If our standard ranges don’t hold the answer, we’ll work with you to develop your own, custom solution.

Our Brands

Radical Materials is home to some of the UK’s leading innovative additives and materials.

SCOPIC X-ray & metal detectable materials
KONDUCT thermally & electrically conductive materials
STERITYPE hygienic keyboards & mice

We’re an R&D company at heart; our product ranges have been developed to solve complex problems, often where others have struggled or failed.

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We thrive on challenges and are proud of our reputation as a company that can succeed where others have failed. Whether you have a new application or need help with an existing product, we would be delighted to hear from you.